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February 14, 2013
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Anna as werevixen - reference by Aniusia483 Anna as werevixen - reference by Aniusia483
edit: I hate design changes but I removed that arrow-shaped marking from my chest...
*1 of all: why the hell I ever made it? it occurs and fits on mammalian anthros(vixen and feline) only, so just the forms that have breasts-_- 
*I don't like it on regular drawings I make, especially those where I'm lying on my back - it argues with the way the breasts go, ruining the feeling of their shape
*only one person drew it so far (I'm sorry:( but this won't change anything in judging your entry, because it's not your fault I changed the design by removing it and I'm actually glad you reproduced all the markings right due to the ref you had then<3)
(the end of edit)

Character belongs to me:iconaniusia483: and represents one of my shapeshifting forms.

Yes, the main fur color is supposed to be red(kind of ruby, not orange):aww:
irl sample: Vixen Form by Aniusia483 

COLORS legend(from top to the bottom):
1. main
2. light markings
3. eyes
4. dark markings
5. pads, nose, lips, vulva
6. tongue, vagina
7. mouth

Name: Anna
Gender: female
Orientation: heterosexual(or bi? but it doesn't matter, she's eternally taken)
Status: Coealescenced(taken)
Draffectionate(beloved): Tom
Type: shapeshifter
Species: vulpine (~red fox)
Bodytype: neutral(not skinny and not fat;) just famine); digitigrade legs
Breasts: ~G/H cup(the actual, not like those monsters in anime-_-), no nipples visible
Bodycoat: fur
Hair: starting on the neck, very diversified in length - like extremally layered, the longest hair reaching the bottom tail base
Special features: color scheme; plenty of markings (dark: eartips, eyes, nose, spine, hairtips, limbs; light: forehead, bottom jaw, cheeks, front of the: neck, torso and tail, innerside of ears, arms, legs and paws, tailtip), very pointy eartips, no navel visible, specific canid-inspired genitalia (note me or check the gallery of Draffectionates on>

Gravity Boobs by SparkLum - if you ask me which attempt I prefer for my alter-ego^^

CONTEST anyone? ART CONTEST - White and Red shapeshifting LOVE
:bulletpink: 1 weeks left! Deadline - January 22nd 2014. (remember you may ask for extenson if you need, just send me a note and the time period needed^^)
:bulletpink: the journal got formatted and shortened to make it look less scary. Info that not everyone might be interested in is now available in links.
 The original article can still be found >here<
:bulletpink: By entering this contest you take part in a sketch raffle: ! :excited:
:bulletpink: I'm in process of 3D sculpting of Tom's Dragon form face, interested may note me to see it^^ (it doesn't have eyes yet:P)
:heart::icontomsshape::iconaniusia483: :heart:
"White and Red shapeshifting LOVE - Tom and Anna"- Draw my beloved :icontomsshape: and me:iconaniusia483: in our shapeshifter forms in some kind of love scene:heart:

:iconaniusia483:Anna's other forms:
Anna as Dragoness - reference by Aniusia483 Anna as werefeline - reference by Aniusia483 Anna as gryphoness - reference by Aniusia483 Anna as eastern dragoness - reference by Aniusia483 Anna as naga - reference by Aniusia483

Can be paired to :icontomsshape:'s shapeshifting forms ONLY! Please respect our Draffective relationship.
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VedranR Jan 14, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
rosey996 Mar 24, 2013  Student General Artist
All your forms are really pretty!
Aniusia483 Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you:blushes:
rosey996 Mar 24, 2013  Student General Artist
You're very welcome!!
I love your art.
alexandergreat20 Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the pose lol
Aniusia483 Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What's wrong with it?xD
alexandergreat20 Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nothing it's just funny how you make it all sexy 'n' stuff...i just have to look at it again noe xD
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